B2B Catalogs designed to match your brand, integrated to simplify operations

Your content tailored to your B2B operations: create a process that streamlines the way that users shop and interact with your products.

Integrations meant for autonomy

DCatalog integrates with numerous APIs to sync with your digital catalog—if you have a vision, we can automate it.

Power up your order forms

Upgrade the way your consumers assemble and submit their purchase orders. Build an order form process within your digital catalogs, enabling your sales team to receive quote requests, submit orders and create sales.

Product Dialog

Customize your product pop-ups to include anything from simple SKUs to details from your product management system.

Cart Dialog

You decide what information is important for your order forms, we design a cart to match.

Custom Order-list Email

Allow users to email their selections directly to your team to help simplify the way sales are processed.

Automatic linking

Streamline the product linking process using our Automatic Link Recognition Tool for ID & SKU numbers, saving you hours of valuable time.

User management system

Integrate with your management system or have us create one for you. DCatalog provides the simplest way to help administrators manage user identities including password resets, creating, and deleting users.

Product management system

Utilize your existing eCommerce or product database, or have us build one for you. Store product fields with stock information that can be directly integrated with your product windows.

Library rack

Easily allow your consumers to filter and cross-search through your B2B catalogs within the Virtual Catalog Rack. Each catalog can easily be grouped into multiple categories.

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