General Question

What is DCatalog?

How do I upload my PDF?

How do I log in to my Enterprise account?

What if I forgot my username or password?

How does the reader search query work?

How can I preview my flipbooks?

How do I redirect one flipbook to another?

On average how long does it take to customize and edit a publication?

How to direct link to specific page of your flipbook?

Images/ text missing or not showing up properly in your flipbook?

Can I download my publication into an offline version?

How long is my publication online?

What if I want to host the publications on my own server?

Can I archive my past editions?

What languages are supported?

What if I have a problem I can’t fix through the Help center?

Is there a way to use the HTML5 viewer on the desktop?

Is the back end system hard to learn?

Will links already in my PDF carry over when uploaded into your system?

The content inside my PDF is not searchable.

Can I make a separate voice over for each page?

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