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How do I add permanent bookmarks?

Can I insert and delete pages in a flipbook?

How do I add links in my publication?

How do I add media to my publication?

How do I add audio to my publication?

How do I embed videos?

How do I create HTML Popups?

How do I add my logo to my edition?

How do I change my edition URL?

Can I change my edition title?

What are some advantages of the cloud vs desktop solutions?

What is DCatalog’s policy when it comes to editing an existing digital edition?

What is the difference between basic and full white label branding?

Are there any monthly or yearly fees to maintain my digital editions online availability?

I want to have complete control when it comes to the creation and customization of my digital editions. Which package would be best?

How can I add my Logo?

How can I change the background or theme to match my brand?

What format does my PDF file need to be in before I upload it?

Is my flipbook available on a smartphone or tablet?

How do I upload my PDF once I become a client?

What file specs do I need do I need to embed rich media?

What file specs do I need to add audio files?

What file specs do I need for Flash animation?

What file specs do I need for Images?

How do I view my flipbooks analytics?

How do I host my editions on my website?

What is the maximum number of pages my publication can be?

Where is DCatalog located and when is the best time to reach a sales representative?

How do you do price your catalogs?

What happens once I become a client (Enterprise)?

Can I monetize my content?

Is the content inside my publications searchable?

What if I want a feature I don’t see on the site?

Do I have the ability to send my publication through email?

What are user notes?

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