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Instantly create branded, digital experiences that supercharge any PDF into a stunning online flipbook

Cutting-Edge Flipbook Technology


Convert your PDF into a customized, interactive digital flipbook for a seamless user experience across all devices. Our solution is optimized to offer the best user experience anytime, anywhere.


DCatalog’s easy-to-use platform utilizes our cloud to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any web browser or mobile device. Our cloud employs Amazon S3, which protects your flipbook data from both technical and physical failures.


Track your readers’ behavior, including the number of visitors, page views, time spent in each flip book and on each page, links clicked on, keywords searched, and much more.

Cohesive Brand Experience

Customize your digital viewer to meet your brand standards. Tailor your logo, navigation button and background colors, your toolbar, and more. Mask the URL of your online flipbook to drive traffic back to your site and help you achieve your goals of brand awareness.

Pop Up Images

Create pop up images to catch the eye of your readers. This feature allows you to add content to pages without clutter, or offer the reader enhanced views of smaller images on your existing pages.

Rich Digital Media

Ensure your readers connect and engage with your content by adding a range of media elements. Embed video (YouTube/MP4), audio (MP3), and animations (SWF) within your online flip books.

Extensive Link Management

Easily navigate your readers through internal and external links within your digital flipbook content. Create live links for images, websites, emails, phone numbers, and more. Link your table of contents to help users quickly find their point of interest.

QR Code

Provide instant access to your custom-made, digital edition by storing your online flipbook’s URL within a barcode. By making mobile access just a scan away, QR codes serve as an effective way to drive traffic to your business.


Add colorful tabs to your editions for at-a-glance navigation. This feature allows your readers to easily maneuver through your content and quickly access relevant information.


Allow readers to add cache-based notes directly to their view of the online flipbook, which can easily be read, moved, edited, or deleted at will.

Sharing & Social Media Integration

Boost your content’s reach and number of views by letting readers share your digital edition with their social network through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Offline Versions

Create an offline publication on a DVD, CD, or USB-drive as a part of your press kit, promo production, or corporate gift.

Contact Us Form

Capture your readers’ contact information within the pages of the edition or even before they open your online flipbook to build a list of prospective clients.

SEO Friendly

Your digital content can be easily searched by Google. Customize keywords, extract the text of the PDF, and adapt page titles to maximize search engine visibility.


Tighten your publication’s security by creating private publications, setting up SSO permissions, or implementing passwords in order to protect your flipbook content. Learn more.

Customized Introduction Page

Let your readers know how to utilize the edition or advertise special promotions within your online flipbook by creating a custom introduction page. The introduction page can be placed on the left side of the viewer so the user can view it as soon they access the online edition.

Customized Viewer Toolbar

You can fully customize the top toolbar within the viewer by selecting which features you want your readers to interact with.




Customized Tooltips

Further customize your publication by adding a tooltip, a message which appears when a cursor is positioned over an image or hyperlink.



Replace Add or Delete Pages

If you notice a typo or need to change a product on a page replace the page in seconds for real time updates. Check out our publishing platform.

Easy Navigation

With DCatalog, swiping through pages and zooming in is incredibly intuitive. Our digital flipbooks are easy to use.

Auto Archive Feature

Your readers can automatically access multiple editions in your archive at the click of a button. You can filter your library by name for easy access to your current and past editions.

Multi-Language Viewer

Our platform can support any language. Match the language of the viewer toolbar to the content of your online flipbook.

Expandable TOC

Build an expandable table of contents (TOC) that can be opened from any page in the edition, allowing readers to quickly navigate to their sections of interest.

Mini GIF

Generate a mini GIF flipper of your publication for easy sharing and quick access to your online flipbook. Include the mini GIF flipper in your signature for a fun and effective strategy to build brand awareness.

Shoppable Catalog Features

eCommerce Platform Integration

Fast & Easy: No Coding Required. We directly integrate with your existing eCommerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Volusion, etc.) and sync with your online catalog. If you don’t have an eCommerce platform already, let us develop one for you! Learn more.

Unique Shopping Window Experience

Tailor your integrated shopping window to your needs. We customize a shopping window that can identify your product by item size, color, price, stock, reviews and more. Feature pictures and video demonstrations to your shopping window.

Add to Cart and Easy Checkout

Customers can add items to their cart with a click for an easy checkout experience, including the ability to edit cart information in-catalog.

Shopping Icons

Add interactive, customized shopping icons to increase sales within your catalog. This feature offers over 5 styles of icons to choose from to capture the consumer’s attention!

Automatic Linking

Streamline the product linking process using our link recognition tool to search for product ID and SKU numbers and instantly create corresponding links, saving you hours and labor.

Polygon Linking

Our polygon linking tool offers the ability to precisely outline and highlight complex shapes within your catalog for a more dynamic and engaging customer experience. Encourage more product click-throughs by utilizing this tool!

Make an Order Form

Allow buyers to request products and services from within your catalog. With our “Order Form” technology, buyers can add items to their “Order Form” and email their requests directly to your sales team, so the order can be fulfilled!

Easy Updates

Update your online catalog with new products within minutes. Use our advanced editing feature to replace pages and update links as products and pricing change.

Analytics Reports

Track your readers’ behavior, including number of visitors, page views, time spent in each catalog, product links clicked-on, keywords searched, and much more.

Exclusive Features

Vendor Management System

Create a subscription management system to manage your vendors. Easily add and remove vendors, and track vendor orders.

Access “our” API

Use our Viewer API to create custom integrations or use our REST API to automate PDF conversion, scheduling and publishing.

Recoloring Technology

Let your consumers view each item in the catalog in their preferred colors. Give consumers the ability to select variations of colors and, within seconds, all of the relevant items within the catalog will be recolored accordingly.


Tighten your publication’s security by creating private publications, setting up SSO permissions, or implementing passwords in order to protect your flipbook content. Host the digital editions behind your https log in page or secure the URL using your existing user credentials to view your content.

Marketing Tools Integration

Customize the solution to your sales process and link landing page fields/ Lead capture form within your online edition directly with your CRM or our management system to feed leads directly into sales rep accounts.

Unique Landing Page

Build a landing page prior to the view of the catalog. Let your readers know what’s new and exciting within your online flipbook and get them engaged before they even click on the online edition.

Auto Consultant Credit

Customers can now browse directly from their consultant’s online shop! Allow customers to add items from the online catalog to their carts that automatically refer to their consultant for credit.

Cloud Deployment

This feature can be configured and customized based on your organization publishing needs and secured on our private dedicated servers OR within your organization’s hosting environment.



Our Store Locator Button allows you to link to your location page and guide consumers to find your retail locations.

Fillable Forms

Our fillable form feature allows you to incorporate informational documents in your flipbook and simplify how customer data is received with a click of a button. User can now submit forms directly within the publication, saving time and hassle on both sides and avoiding discrepancies.

Categorized Library Page

Easily allows users to filter through editions, both current and archived. Each edition can easily be grouped by category (or multiple categories) within our self-serve administrator portal. Allow your users to search across all catalogs or in a single catalog from your library page.

White Glove Services

Want special care or attention for your content? Our production team is here to help to get your online edition up and running fast!

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