Mobile Apps that connect with your users on and offline

Access a collection of your publications on the go with a custom Mobile Application. Enhance user experience, increase brand awareness and extend the reach of your PDF content.



We build it, you own it

With DCatalog’s Mobile App Solution we create applications using your PDF content and developer account. Our applications are built & branded exclusively for your organization’s needs to use on any mobile device.

The Mobile Applications can be offered in the iTunes App Store and/or Google Play.

Build Once

Our team will collaborate with you to create the perfect app flow and design for your content. From aesthetics to functionality, rest assured that your application will be built to your standards. Make the application public or build a Enterprise application for use within your organization

Easy Updates

New content? No problem. Replace entire editions, pages and links real-time to keep your content relevant. With our self-serve platform, upload your PDF to create interactive content that is instantly connected to your Mobile Application.

Monetize your Content

Monetize your editions through a newsstand hub–charge for the app download, by subscription, or per publication. By securing all of your publications in one location, you can generate more revenue by engaging your readers on their mobile devices.

Native App Features

Search capabilities

DCatalog provides an efficient way for your readers to search keywords or SKUs and quickly navigate to relevant information by utilizing our highlighted, clickable search tool.

Online or offline

Make sure that your content is always available for your consumers. Give your readers instant access to your content online and offline–anytime, anywhere.

Share content

Allow your readers to share your content at the click of a button. Let your consumers choose from various social media sites to expand brand awareness and content visibility.

Push notifications

Use push notifications to alert your readers about new content and keep them informed. Send a customized message to anyone who has downloaded your app.

App analytics

Use analytics to track your app audience, their reading habits, and behavior. You can capture the number of downloads, time spent reading, pages viewed, links clicked on, and much more for valuable marketing data.


Engage your readers with a fully branded application and present a more convenient way for customers to purchase your content. Leverage your app by selling your content via Google & Apple stores and gain a paying subscriber audience.

Virtual bookshelf

Our Newsstand Applications allow you to deliver magazine, catalog, and newspaper content into the Apple Newsstand or the Google Play Market. With our Mobile App solution you can publish the latest issue directly into the Newsstand using the Newsstand Kit and Store Kit frameworks.

Ready to move beyond digital flipbooks and expand your contents’ reach?

With DCatalog Mobile App, you can!