Instantly create branded, digital experiences that supercharge any pdf into a stunning online flipbook

  • HTML5

  • Cloud

  • Google Analytics

  • Enhancement Tools

  • Fillable Forms

  • QR Code

  • Bookmarks & Notes

  • Sharing

  • Offline Versions

  • Contact Us Form

  • SEO Friendly

  • Security

  • Multi Languages


Convert, customize, and supercharge your PDF into a digital flipbook, HTML5 flip book. With our flip or slide enhancement, rest assure that your content is viewable across all devices. Our solution is optimized to offer the best user experience- anytime, anywhere, on or offline.


DCatalog’s easy-to-use platform utilizes our cloud to deliver secure, high-performing user experiences on any web browser or mobile device.

Our cloud employs Amazon S3 service, which protects your flipbook data from both technical and physical failures and guards against data loss from unintended user actions, application errors, and infrastructure failures.


Track all your readers’ behavior, including number of visitors, page views, time spent in each flip book, time spent on each page, links clicked-on, keywords searched, and much more. We also offer advanced analytic reports to track more data, which can help you gain a deeper understanding of how your digital flipbooks are being consumed.


Cohesive Brand Experience: DCatalog’s Publishing Solution gives you the ability to brand and customize your digital editions. By integrating your company or organization’s logo, customizing your button skins, background colors, toolbar, and more… Also, mask the URL of your flipbook to drive traffic back to your site and further capitalize on your brand awareness.

Rich Digital Media: Create an interactive environment with your readers to ensure they connect and engage with your content. Our platform allows you to easily embed all types of media instantly. Embed video files (YouTube/Vimeo/MP4), audio files/background music (MP3) and animations (SWF) within your flip books. Include pop-up videos, images, and HTML that will capture your audience and help you create a truly interactive, flip experience.

Extensive Link Management: Keep your readers captivated by adding external and internal links to your digital content. Link images, websites, emails, and other external sources in order to create a truly immersive digital experience. We offer a truly dynamic experience by enabling indexes, table of contents, and direct-page links for easy navigation.


Transform your static fillable PDF into an interactive digital edition form. Our fillable form feature allows you to incorporate informational documents in your flipbook and simplify how customer data is received with a click of a button. User can now submit forms directly within the publication without downloading the form, printing and filing it out on paper. Save time and hassle on both side and avoid discrepancies.


Provide instant access to your custom-made, digital edition by storing your flipbook’s URL within a barcode. By strategically placing a QR Code on your flipbook, you can provide your customers with the convenience of accessing your online edition at their discretion. By making mobile access just a scan away, QR codes serve as an effective to drive traffic to your business.


Personal and Publication Bookmarks: Further enhance efficiency and simplify, by offering a user-friendly method of maneuvering through your editions by creating permanent bookmarks within your digital content. Secondly, let your readers add their own bookmarks, by saving them on their personal devices, and the ability to reference your bookmarks at any time.

Personal Annotations: Let your readers capture their favorite information by adding personal annotations. These personal annotations are automatically saved on the reader’s device and can be read, moved, edited or deleted at any time.


Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, boost your content’s reach and increase the amount of viewers. Email and share your content at the click of a button.

Give your readers the opportunity to share your digital flipbook content with their entire network, through exposing your brand to their various social circles.


Create an offline publication on a DVD, CD, or USB-drive as a part of your press kit, promo production, or corporate gift. The offline, flip version runs your publication automatically after inserting a СD/DVD or USB-drive on the computer.


Capture your potential reader’s contact information before they view your online flip book content. Use this feature to build a marketing list of prospective clients.


Your digital content can be easily searched by Google. Customize keywords, extract the text of the PDF, and adapt page titles to ensure maximum search engine visibility.


Tighten your publication’s security by creating private publications, setting up SSO permissions, or implement passwords in order to protect your flipbook content.


Our platform supports almost any language. Change the toolbar language of your publications to match the native tongue of whoever is viewing your publication.

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