Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Convert your static healthcare content into a digital flipbook and provide easy access to necessary and vital information.

Easy access to your content

  • Convert your organization’s PDFs into immersive digital experiences
  • Market new information and updates to consumers
  • Allow your consumers to submit forms within your online editions
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement

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User Friendly

DCatalog’s interactive flipbooks create a digital space for your pharmaceutical and healthcare clients to actively engage with your digital content. The user-friendly format will enable your customers to easily access important healthcare content.

Simplify the Creation Experience

DCatalog’s technology allows you to convert your printed healthcare materials and pharmaceutical content into unique digital flipbooks. With our administrator portal you will be able to easily replace pages, add links, add multimedia elements and much more.

DCatalog features for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

  • Advanced HTML5 Technology
  • Easy Publishing
  • Full White Label Branding
  • Customizable Features
  • Rich Digital Media
  • Advanced Analytics and Tracking
  • Bookmarks and Notes
  • Contact Us Form
  • User Friendly
  • Extensive Link Management
  • Increased Global Reach
  • Private Login Security
  • Media and Link Management
  • Increased User Experience
  • Sharing and Social Media Integration
  • SEO Friendly