All Your Content In One Library

Convert your PDFs into a Virtual Library Rack experience. Easily allow your readers to search across your library and filter through the content by categories.

Simplify your content presentation

Present, collaborate, innovate and manage your content in an entirely new way. DCatalog’s Library Rack gives you a single location to collate your organization’s documents, increase productivity and usability with categories and cross-search capabilities.

Enable a modern digital Library

Reimagine your organization’s documents for the digital age. Static PDFs remain difficult to manage, use, and adapt. But with the DCatalog Virtual Rack, your content can be organized by categories and subcategories seamlessly for your customers and employees to better operate. Eliminate the need for static PDFs and modernize your content.

Elastic Cross-Search Using Filters

With DCatalog’s Elastic Cross Search tool, make it simple for your consumers to search and find any terms within the library using filters to narrow their results instantly with highlighted zoom on keywords. Whether searching for a specific SKU number, exact phrase or partial word, the tool provides instant, streamlined results.